bubosquared: (nanowrimo)
( Oct. 8th, 2009 06:58 pm)

So after like a week of trying dozens of shops from various PoundSavers to expensive little boutique stationery shops with no result other than some strange looks when I asked for refill pads without a margin 1, I finally found what I was looking for ... at Tesco's. Where I go get food pretty much every day, and where it apparently never occurred to me until last night to look for a refill pad.

I think God might be fucking with me again. *eyes the sky warily*

1 Because apparently I'm the only person in the world neurotic enough to resent it when the paper tries to tell me how wide or narrow a margin should be, or indeed that I should have one at all. Okay, so I am weird about this, a bit, but dammit, I'm a writer, we're allowed to be weird and neurotic! Hell, I use index cards, even, which definitely puts me in the "weird and neurotic, possible loony" bin.



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