Discovery of the day: my local Domino's has a phone number ending in 666. It's the pizza of the Beast! Excellent! (Apparently, the Antichrist is cheesilicious. :D )

So I have a new gadget (the m105 to be precise). It's old, but I got it second-hand for a Euro when I was over in Belgium, and as an e-reader alone it would have already given me the money's worth, and then I discovered that I can, with just a few clicks, turn my worldbuilding wiki into navigatable ebook and take it with me to go write at Starbucks or something. WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS MY GLEE! :D Between this and my recent discovery of how to make decent-looking maps in PhotoShop, my worldbuilding just got a shitload easier. \o/

(The really funny thing about all this tech geekery is that I surround myself with software and gadgets for the worldbuilding and, to some extent, the plotting, and then I go and use index cards for plot-tracking, and I write longhand with a fountain pen. I'm ... special. Yes.)

And speaking of geekery, I need a favour. I'm trying to import my LJ into a blog (so I can then export it from there -- I'm not moving to, don't worry :) ), but I have 6,000+ entries, more comments than I dare contemplate, and limited online time. If someone could do the import and leave it running until it's finished, I'd be eternally grateful. It wouldn't take up any bandwidth, it just needs to be running in a browser tab for a few hours, I think. *makes begging eyes at flist*

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I think somewhere I have a Palm M130. I think it's basically the same as the M105, but with a built-in battery, colour screen, and an MMC/SD card reader slot. I don't know what state it's in (it's not been used for a very long time), but it's yours if you want it. :o)

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I really need a specific "tech geek" icon ...

Oooh, that would be nice. :D Right now I'm still amused at how pictures look on a low-res b&w screen, but more memory is always nice. :)

Re: Wordpress -- Still the same gmail account, yes. Though I was planning to start the LJ import on a throwaway blog, and have a volunteer login to my WP account with a temporary pwd to finish it, thus saving me from having to change the LJ pwd and all. But if there's an easier way, that's even better, thanks!
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Also, I have a good solution for the wordpress import - you can connect using remote desktop to a Windows VM, kick it off, and check back later. That way you don't need to tell anyone passwords or anything.

Are you still using the same gmail account from before? WIll email you details if so. All it'll require is access to a Windows machine with Remote Desktop Client, which is part of the standard Windows install.

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I've got a machine here with Windows vista that runs folding at home 24/7. I've never done that export thing before but if someone can explain how it runs my machine will be happy to keep going at it for as long as it takes. It's an Intel i7 too, though the biggest latency is probably going to be in the bandwidth and not in the processing power.


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