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( May. 30th, 2010 06:21 pm)

Discovery of the day: my local Domino's has a phone number ending in 666. It's the pizza of the Beast! Excellent! (Apparently, the Antichrist is cheesilicious. :D )

So I have a new gadget (the m105 to be precise). It's old, but I got it second-hand for a Euro when I was over in Belgium, and as an e-reader alone it would have already given me the money's worth, and then I discovered that I can, with just a few clicks, turn my worldbuilding wiki into navigatable ebook and take it with me to go write at Starbucks or something. WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS MY GLEE! :D Between this and my recent discovery of how to make decent-looking maps in PhotoShop, my worldbuilding just got a shitload easier. \o/

(The really funny thing about all this tech geekery is that I surround myself with software and gadgets for the worldbuilding and, to some extent, the plotting, and then I go and use index cards for plot-tracking, and I write longhand with a fountain pen. I'm ... special. Yes.)

And speaking of geekery, I need a favour. I'm trying to import my LJ into a wordpress.com blog (so I can then export it from there -- I'm not moving to WP.com, don't worry :) ), but I have 6,000+ entries, more comments than I dare contemplate, and limited online time. If someone could do the import and leave it running until it's finished, I'd be eternally grateful. It wouldn't take up any bandwidth, it just needs to be running in a browser tab for a few hours, I think. *makes begging eyes at flist*



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