Have mainlined first six MLP eps. So, so awesome. Huge babydyke!crush on Rainbow Dash: NOW EVEN MORE HUMONGOUS! Also: Pinky Pie, HOW ARE YOU SO AWESOME? HOW? (Oh. Twilight Sparkle. Hello, sixteen-year old self. *facepalm*) Fuckit, I even love Rarity, who is the sort of character I normally can't stand, except: AWESOME! ("I cannot let such a crime against fabulosity stand." SO AWESOME!)

Okay, okay. Must tear self away from ponies and make dinner. BUT PONIES!!!!1! :D :D :D

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Advantage of laptops - you can set them up on the kitchen counter and watch PONIES!!! while cooking dinner. :D

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But that would result in burnt food and, more importantly, a suboptimal pony-viewing experience. UNACCEPTABLE!

From: [identity profile] fahrenheit-f430.livejournal.com

Ok, then set your laptop up so you can eat AND watch PONIES!!! :D

(All the other options I can think of involve salad or sandwiches for dinner)
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Hahaha! I'm glad you're doin' well, lovely. :)

From: [identity profile] bubosquared.livejournal.com

The lack of a Rainbow Dash Windows7 theme vexes me, but yes, I'm otherwise good. (I has a laptop now!) Looks like I'm gonna have to make one myself, onoes!


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