Dear HP wiki: your assumptions that every female character in the HP books will take on her (future) husband's surname upon marriage is seriously starting to grate. Cut it the fuck out already. Also to be cut out posthaste: not distinguishing between book and movie canon a lot of the time. I should not have to dig through half a dozen pages to find, by accident, an offhand confirmation of what I'd known in the first place; namely, that it's never confirmed in the books if Draco's actually taken the Dark Mark.

Yeah, I've been doing rather stupid amounts of "research" and such for this damned fic, trying to see if my ideas fit in canon and all, and harvesting bits and pieces of canon for my own nefarious purposes. I think I can fit the story in with/around and/or extrapolate from canon, as long as I sort of handwave the epilogue away, and since that was the preferred reaction of fandom to the epilogue anyway, last I looked at it (which, admittedly, was something like three years ago, and even then briefly, but still), works out fine! \o//

(Really, I say "stupid", but it's HP, research is often expected and applauded. It's not like I spent hours of my life pondering which websites would survive if the internet went down in a big ball of zombie-fuelled flames. Or trying to get Google drunk enough to forget I ever asked it if one can carbon date a vampire. (... I was pondering a Firefly/Buffy crossover, shush.))

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I read that as Hewlett-Packard, which made no sense at all. Then my brain tried to translate it as Lovecraft - which still made no sense, as something wriotten by a known mysogenist in the 20's would of course assume women would take the name of their husband. It wasn't until Draco's name that your post started to make sense.
I am special.
How are you doing?

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Right now, I am freaking out because my JSA didn't arrive and thus I have no money, and I'm supposed to go to Belgium tomorrow, argh! D:

But other than that, I have a flat, and stuff, and thus things may not be well, but shall be. :)


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