Finally heard back about my flat -- there was some certificate the landlord was waiting on from the Council, I think, which is why I've been in limbo for like three weeks, not knowing when I was going to be able to move in and thus unable to organise anything, augh -- and I'll be getting the keys on Monday, and moving in on Tuesday/Wednesdayish. \o/

(Is anyone with a car likely to be in the neighbourhood of the Royal Mile at any point between Monday and Wednesday, by any chance? I can shlep most of my stuff from the hostel to the flat (Milton Street), but I made the mistake of carrying my telly over from the Bridges, and that left me aching for days. I can get a cab for not much money, but if anyone's around anyway, I'd be most grateful for a lift for at least the telly. Thanks!)

*goes to flail at BT to get a damn phone line already without £100+ installation charge, because WTF?*

So what does it say about me that my initial reaction, after "ZOMG I HAVE ALL THIS STUFF TO DO!!1!" was "Oh, good, that means my chances of finishing NaNo will go up!" Because past experiences suggest I work better under pressure, you see. *facepalm* And speaking of NaNo ...

NaNo Wordcount: 16,724/50,000
New Daily Wordcount Goal: 3,025 words

I'm somewhat displeased that what should have been an excercise in fluffy self-indulgence suddenly for all Political! Intrigue! on me, but whatever. As long as the story tells me, in the end, what's going on, it's all good.

[ETA] Fixed invalid markup and daily wordcount. My competence, let me show you it! Also fixed some stuff in the chapters I just posted, sigh.[/ETA]

From: [identity profile]

Our car is currently out of commission. Sorry missus :(

Good news about the flat though!

From: [identity profile]

No worries! I can get a taxi for not much, really. :)

Also, once I'm settled in, you should let me know when you feel up to visiting for a bit so I can show you round and stuff!

From: [identity profile]

so I can show you round and stuff!
If I remember right, there was a photo tour last time ! (Hint... Hint...)

Also: Which chapters ? Where chapters ?

I haven't read anything decent since some story about a group of nerds taking refuge in an army base trying to sit out an onslaught of zombies when instead a group of other survivors tries to do them in while all the time they had a dude called Doctor Insano sitting in the basement who was apparently the cause of it all.

Wondering if current nano could possibly be better...


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