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( Feb. 5th, 2008 11:32 am)

I should probably find a more constructive outlet for my history geek tendencies, because right now I keep thinking someone ought to make a website or a wiki about the cultural history of the internet and/or fandom so I can go and get all nostalgic about it. Something like this, only more so, and mentioning things like “Remember when Hotmail wasn’t yet owned by Microsoft?” and stuff like that.

… I kinda can’t wait to be old and crab at the Kids These Days about how I remember an internet before LOLCats and say things like “Now, back in the days when YahooGroups was still eGroups, but after OneList …” I have issues, I know.

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( Jan. 4th, 2008 02:16 pm)

So last Saturday, my last day in Belgium*, my mum informed me that I should “have a look through that one shelf of books” because anything I didn’t explicitly select for keeping was going to go. My brother and I went D: at her, because while neither of us care much for material possessions, we both have this sense that throwing away, or even giving away, books is Just Plain Wrong. I then went D: some more when i realised that what was on this shelf were a whole lot of children’s books.

“But. You can’t,” I said, aghast. “You can’t get rid of any of them.”

“Most of them are falling apart, or they’re stupid commercial series we never got more than half a dozen of,” she pointed out. “And there simply isn’t enough room for all these books.”

I conceded, because she did have point. The first thing one sees when one enters the house is a room full of books. It used to be the shop, long ago, and 70-80% of the walls are taken up by bookshelves, floor to ceiling. There’s more bookshelves on the upstairs landing, and a whole lot of books in boxes still. Some of these were inherited; there’s a whole shelf of truly magnificently old books that came from great-uncles on either side of the family, and most of the boxes came from my late uncle — and that’s with the majority of his books stashed at my gran’s, and with my paternal grandparents’s books mostly at my dad’s, and if you’re getting the impression that my family has book-loving genes, you’re absolutely correct**.

So I went through the books. Some of them were easy enough to part with, like the Disney books for kiddies and similar things. Some broke my heart, but I was strong and parted with them anyway — these included a bunch of books for very young kids, which I had fond memories of but which, really, there’s a gazillion of these kinds of “Up/Under” books. Some I had to admit really were too beaten up to keep, although I still put some of those apart and made my brother decide on them, because I like making others make the hard decisions for me.

But there were some that I just couldn’t part with, because there is just no way I could ever find them again for less than an arm and a leg, and I’d want to read them to my future nieces and nephews. (The wonderful children’s books by Jac Linders, with illustrations by Lie, for example, which are so very Seventies and yet so very fabulous and yeah.) Still, I think I saved about half a dozen, and left about the same number for my brother to decide on, and I know it was necessary and for the best but I’m still sad about the ones that had to go.

Books: They’ll break your heart. :(

* My mother’s habit of asking things at the last damn minute, often when people are about to walk out the door, is a frequent source of frustration for the rest of us. This, at least, was a relatively mild example. Sigh.
** When my paternal grandparents died six months apart, a few years back, it took nine (sets of) children(-in-law) plus a handful of grandkids several weeks to clear out the house, mostly of books. There were books in every room, often stacked along the walls for lack of shelves to put them on, and keep in mind that this house had a room for each of the nine kids, at least one spare bedroom, a master bedroom, an office, and an attic, and there were still books stashed in various other places downstairs. If I ever get a house, this is how I will end up. I have seen my future, and it is books.

In more cheerful news, my Ravelry invite came! I can now be find there as femgeek, for those of you who’re also there. (For those of you who aren’t, and have no idea what this is about, please ignore the yarn geek in the corner. Ahem.)

I’m trying to keep riding this wave of determinedly-doing-stuff I have going and, now that my flat is largely clean and my website is revamped, and my flist is reorganised and culled, the next thing on my Internet To Do List is to cull and reorganise my bookmarks. I’m removing comics I don’t really read anymore, and blogs/websites that do nothing but annoy me anymore. This is where you come in.

This is your chance to pimp links at me, although I’m going to be slightly picky.


  • Gaming comics preferred, especially WoW-related ones.
  • Alternatively, amusingly recognisable comics about Tech Support and/or call centres.
  • Alternatively alternatively, historical stuff, boytouchig a bonus.
  • I’m … not overly fond of a lot of anime-style drawings.


  • I’m especially looking for feminist and feministy blogs, but also knitting/crafts blogs, or anything else interesting.
  • Of the feminist stuff, I’d prefer WoC, older (”") women, disabled women, and (gender)queer/trans blogs.
  • No radfems. I’m serious. (Too much exposure to the transphobia in radfem circles this past year, can’t stomach it at all anymore, even for posts I might have liked or even loved, sorry.)


  • Oh, hell. Hit me. :D
  • Oh, wait, any website with good info about he Renaissance and/or the history of knitting would especially be welcome.

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( Dec. 23rd, 2007 07:13 am)

I’m about to leave for the airport to catch my flight to Belgium. I’ll be back in Edinburgh next Sunday.

If I owe you e-mail or comments, I’ll try and get to them from there, but I may be scarce for the next week. I’ll probably get online a few times, but I may well be incommunicado if only because I can’t type on Belgian keyboards anymore.

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Quick heads-up: I'm off to Dublin tomorrow until Sunday evening, and I need to pack and clean toonight, so I'll likely not really be on from when I leave work until Monday morning. Nobody panic if I disappear, in other words. :p

Still not planning on moving, btw, but knowing that there is a way to move my lj, all six and a half years of it, including (threaded) comments, to a wordpress blog, has me intrigued. There may be a bunch of crossposting in my future.From LJ to wordpress rather than vice versa, I suspect, because: icons! Oooh, unless they have a plugin for that too? *googles* They do! :D

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( Aug. 8th, 2007 12:40 pm)

Hair Update, because I just know you're all dying to know: now entering the fuzzy phase. Next up: Phase Fluffy, followed by what'll probably be at least a month or two of Phase Augh Why Do I Do This To Myself?! I spent Saturday night with olive oil and egg yolk on my head, which is about as icky as it sounds, but between that and only washing my hair with shampoo once a week, my hair does feel nice and healthy. Not sure how thick it'll be, but at least it's healthy, and I think one more henna application will get it to the colour I want it to be. Yaye!

Fun Family Things I Found Out Recently: Apparently my grandfather was the first phys. ed. teacher in Belgium. He didn't know either, but some enterprising student on a thesis mission found out and wants to interview him about it. Cool! I mean, not that it changes the fact that none of his grandkids are at all athletically inclined, but still. :D

Current poll results indicate a preference for either a free-for-all challenge, or a secret santa type one. I'm partial to secret santa type challenges myself, but they necessitate pitch hitters, and matching people up, and people feeling disappointed if they didn't get their present, and whatnot, so I'll probably go with the free-for-all. There will be signups, though, to make it easier to get artists involved.

There's an overwhelming preference for having a deadline and posting stories in one batch after said deadline, so that one's easy, and the general consensus seems to point towards a two months deadline, which seems reasonable to me. Question I forgot to ask: should there be a deadline for signups?

I'll probably get everything up and announce the challenge on the 17th/18, with the deadline at the end of October. That'll give people two months (or a little more) to write, and then give them a breather before the Secret Santas and Yuletide challenges start coming in.

Now I just need to name the damn thing. Gah.

Food post, because I've finally both made lunch and remembered to take a photo of it. :D

(I took a second week off because my mum and possibly brother are coming over the week after post-Potterdammerung week, which I already had off. This is the first time in my work career I've had two full weeks off. Er. And people keep asking me where I'm going to go, since obviously that's why I'm taking time off in the middle of summer, right? Yeah, no. And "I'm going TO THE INTERNET!" just gets me weird looks. I'm broke and filled with Schadenfreude, dammit, make my own fun! :(

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( May. 30th, 2007 03:45 pm)

Daily food post: yesterday and today.

So my dad went to Vietnam a few weeks ago, and apparently brought me back some nice silk scarves. Which is nice enough in and of itself, but apparently he'd bought a bronze one and spent like an hour looking for a dark blue one as well. Because my dad is all about indulging my HP geek tendencies, apparently. I love my daddy. :D

*hides from kerfuffles* lalala i'm sorry, i cannae hear you i have a banana in my ear!

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( Apr. 30th, 2007 01:39 pm)

God, first call on a Monday morning after four days off, and it's a 25-minute call just getting a bloke to download a zip file, unzip it, and c&p the unzipped file to his memory card. I have not had enough coffee to deal with this. *inhales coffee* (I made the mistake of asking him to right-click on something, and for the rest of the call, every time I asked him to click on something, he asked, "Right-click or left-click?" (Did I mention i mouse left-handed, my mouse buttons are swapped, and I have problems with left and right at the best of times anyway?) A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, sigh.)

Aaaand also, just for the record? Writing e-mails in which you refer to yourself in the third person "A customer has [blah blah blah]" is annoying and snarky and will just waste time because I'll have to e-mail back asking you to clarify if you are the customer or the shop that sold the software to the customer. In future, how about leaving the pre-emptive snark at home and going for clarity instead, eh?

Kids these days, I swear.

So, dad's gone back home after his blitz visit, leaving me with chocolate (yaye!) and tobacco (YAYE!) and sore legs from climbing Arthur's seat on Saturday. Both of us being overconfident about these things (I come by it honestly, folks!), we decided to take the shortest (steepest) route. Yeah. Ow. But worth it for the view!

Forgot to take a picture of my lunchbox today (d'oh!) but I have cucumbers with dip, fresh pineapple, yoghurt, and leftover penne with tomato sauce. Mmm, pasta. And yeah, I have a tendency to eat a lot of the same things sometimes, but keep in mind I'm trying to eat more veggies so I get enough vitamins (even though I technically get all the vitamins I need from my morning pill, but whatever -- the pill is backup, I should be able to get everything but the vitamin D from food, dammit!) and I'm desperately trying to up my calcium intake (see: family history of osteoperosis) without having to actually drink milk, which I loathe. So, there's lots of raw veggies and yoghurt on the menu.

Hm, also, if the weather kicks it up one more notch, I'll have to remember to bring a book and sunscreen so I can go eat lunch outside and ogle the hot girls that seem to bve popping up out of nowhere these days.

I've been talking to Anna about how I feel like I should make a damned effort to make this LJ about a little more than random work angst, squee, and porn, because dammit, I used to talk about personal stuff and "deep" fandom thoughts at least, and I just don't do that anymore, in part because I do most of my LJing and stuff frmo work, and I can barely manage to finish a thought that's actually work-related these days, let alone anything else, without getting interrupted or otherwise distracted, and when I'm home I usually don't remember what I wanted to write, and get distracted just from wandering around my flat, and it's partially because most of the personal stuff I talk to Anna or Sarah or Mags about, but still, I'm going to make a concious effort to write something of some substance at least once a week, and to make entry-ing part of my routine.

Speaking about my routine, cut to spare your friendslist )

And speaking of more personal things, I'm thinking of giving up not going to church for Lent. We'll see how this goes. I'm kinda terrified, which is fairly ridiculous as the church (or "church", depending on your definition of church) I'd be going to is a Quaker Meeting, and if there's a less threatening church-type organisation out there in the Christian spectrum, I've yet to find it. But still.

Somewhat related to this, I recently had cause to inform my dad that he was not allowed to leave an inheritance. Not that I think my brothers and I would turn into the sort of people I keep reading about on EtiquetteHell, with the rental vans to empty the house an hour after someone dies and shit like that, but since the death of my grandfather a few years ago, my dad and his siblings have inherited what I almost hope is one of the most complicated cases of inheritance crap ever. Not that involves a lot, mind you, just a house (which has now, just to add further complications, been bought by the governement beause they're building something there -- I'm sure there's a proper English word for this, but even the Dutch term escapes me), but the whole case now involves 50-odd people, spans five generations (including mine, although on the other side of the family), and two notaries (original one retired, left the case to his son-in-law, who is now desperately trying to get the case done with and closed because he's retiring), and I swear to god, if my dad dies before this thing is settled and leaves my brothers and I to deal with this, I will have his corpse enbalmed and refuse to bury him until it's settled. Remember folks: if you love your kids, spend your monney before you die!

And finally: Daily Magnetic Prose )

I feel like I need to note that this is just the result of me grabbing both "fight" and "drama" at random, not any reflection of my life at the moment. :D

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( Jan. 3rd, 2007 12:24 pm)

Me, to co-worker: "I need a holiday to recover from my holiday." That pretty much sums up the last two weeks, yeah. I thought about going into detail, but fuck it. I'm not dwelling on it, or possibly just repressing it, whatever. I have better things to worry about.

Like, er, play WoW (Feralas so pretty), and clean, and write, and get some sort of routine so I can keep up with writing every day and keeping my flat in some semblance of clean, and stuff.

My desire not to wait for NaNo and start writing my fantasy boyloving story is growing by the day. Crap.

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( Dec. 20th, 2006 05:15 pm)

Happy Birfay to MEEEEEE! *twirls*

Today, I slept in, had lunch with Anna, and then went shopping for Christmas present for my family and a “Happy Brthday and also go me for not buying a snarky Christmas present for my mum*” present for me. I now own a pair of knee-high fuck-me boots, woohoo! *strut*

Now I just need to learn to walk in them without sounding all clompy or falling over.

* I was looking at the wee stocking-filler box things that have, like, zen garden in a box, or tarot cards, or stuff like that, and one of them was a “Therapist In A Box”. I resisted, but only just.

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( Jun. 29th, 2006 12:11 pm)

Random Co-worker Voice: "Frodo?"
I just don't know about these people, man.

My baby brother has now officially graduated from secondary school. I'm feeling so old, man. It seems like only yesterday that I took his twelve-year old self to see TPM and we fraked out people at the train station on the way back by having pretend lightsaber fights and singing the Imperial March at each other. And now he's all grown up! (Well, as groqn up as anyone in this family ever gets, heh.)

Today is shaping up to be v. annoying. Shall comfort self by making desserty stuff for the Expat Party and licking the bowl. Mmm, chocolatey goodness ...

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( May. 24th, 2006 08:53 am)

Dear weather: I can deal with sunshine. I can deal with punishing winds. But both at the same time? No. This whole "Blow Melle's sunglasses off" thing has got to go.

And then I accidentally deleted my /random folder, including my randsig file. Arse!

In happier news, I have two new icons, somewhat belatedly cut because one of them could be vaguely spoilery for The Age of Steel. )

You can see more pictures of me and my sword (bweee!), this time in more appropriate clothes as well, here. Also, a picture of my dad which proves that I have vampire genes. (No, seriously.)

I just had a Mrs Norris on the phone. Hee hee. Heeeeee!

[ETA] Have lost ability to spell "problem" in Dutch. Samson ate my brain! </Belgian> [/ETA]

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( May. 15th, 2006 10:16 am)

Fucking football fans under my fucking window at fucking three in the fuckng morning fucking singing "The Hearts are havin' a partyyyyy," and YOU DON'T SAY, I TOTALLY HAD NOT NOTICED THAT! SHUT UP! *headpillow* And then I overslept, and gaaaaah. My icon has never been more applicable.

[ETA] In case anyone thinks I'm exaggerating: photo behind the cut. )


I want this. Badly.

Realisation: I won't be able to do the semi-traditional European Song Festival chat-in this year, as my dad will be here for it. Bah, I say. :(

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( May. 14th, 2006 01:42 pm)

Siege update: Still besieged. They're no longer crowding right under my windows, but they're totally blocking Ardmillan Terrace further up the road, which means that if I want to go to Dalry Road, which I'll have to do to get more gas and electricity and recharge my bus pass, I'll have to either find an alternate route or brave the crowd. I'll have to venture outside anyway, because my tobacco won't last me until tomorrow.

Note to self: Call mum this evening to wish her a happy Mother's Day.

[ETA] The Conquering Heroes have arrived. The crowds are dispersing. Thank fuck, maybe I'll be able to get through in a bit. [/ETA]

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( May. 12th, 2006 10:40 am)

No S:AaB recap today, as I got distracted by the dishes while cold Case was on in the background, and then I returned to the living room to see Bones was on, and it was about a historical dig, and pirates, so of course I had to watch David Boroneaz get his glee on (awww, he's really not that bad when he's not playing Broody McMoperson), and um. "... Is that Rod Rowland?" Yep, my weird talent for switching on shows I never watch just for the eps starring certain obscure actors I like has struck again! This happens to me all the time with Adam Baldwin as well. Either I have some sort of weird homing device for these guys, or they're stalking me through the TV.

So this weekend in Bruges, a bunch of skinheads beat up a black guy, who is currently still in a coma. Yesterday afternoon, an eighteen-year old shot a Turskish woman, a black woman, and the two-year old (white) child she was babysitting. The Turkish woman is heavily wounded, the other two victims didn't survive. I just ... I'm almost not surprised about this, after watching the number of extreme right voters rise constantly since ... pretty much since I became politically aware, really, which would have been the early nineties, probably even before, but the first real Black Sunday was 1992, I believe. Something had to give in the end, and I can only hope that this is it, that it's not just a buildup to something bigger.

Oh, and then my mum got taken to the ER on Wednesyday with what looked like it could be a heart attack, then might have been lung cancer, but thankfully turned out to be "just" atypical pneumonia. I'm ... kind of glad I didn't hear of it until last night, actually, when there was an actual diagnosis, because I would have freaked the fuck out. Yeah.

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( Mar. 30th, 2006 09:07 am)

Only 32 e-mails after three days off, and none of them of the "Oops, we screwed up, can you fix this?" variety. Perhaps I've finally managed to train people properly, yay!

Mum was still in bed when I left at 7:30, and she needs to get the 08:30 from Haymarket at the latest. I really hope she doesn't miss her flight, man.

In the continuing saga of Melle Turns Into A Grown-Up: Mum bought my a bunch of plants yesterday. Plants! Actual real live plants! Which I have to take care of and not kill somehow! O_O I've never had to take on this kind of responsability before!

Must get up early tomorrow to go and pick up the scanner cable/converter thingie. Argh. Stupid Royal Mail. HATE!

*eyes e-mail to [livejournal.com profile] ruby_fruit* Did I just verb the noun "sexpollen"? I do believe I did. Ah, English, is there any linguistic trick you can't do?

Going to try and catch up on LJ. Wish me luck.

wah! i don't want to be back at work whinge whinge grumble

  • *eyes inbox blearily* Four penis-enlargment spams in an hour. WTF?
  • I really need to fix my iPod again, I'm going insane from people over here. Gah.
  • There's ... some sort of strike on next Tuesday. Crap. I won't have to get to work, but still.
  • Said strike apparently coincides with one in France as well. My first reaction was to crack and Auld Alliance joke. History Geeks Represent! *hand gesture*
  • Talked to my dad last night, and I gave him the URL and pwd to my writing wiki, as one does, and only afterwards realised that I'm not all that sure I wanted him to read the E&S stuff. Crap.
  • (The smut I'm fine with, it's the revelations of exactly how fucked-up I was as a teen that I feel weird about. But then, my dad's good about the whole "don't let on that you know even though other people know you know" thing.)
  • Three hours of training this afternoon. For something that could be covered in an hour, hour and a half max. Save meeeeee!
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( Dec. 15th, 2005 11:03 pm)

Moral dillemma of the day:

Dad: So which do you prefer, a gift, or a small gift and money? Because I'd been looking at your amazon wish list and I could get one of those digital cameras over here, and ..."

Digicam. Money. Digicam. MONEY! *dillemns*

In other news, the TV gods have apparently decided to give me a birthday present as well. I have Tuesday off, and on Monday evening, there's a L&O marathon from 8 till 3, and then on Tuesday itself there's The Best Of Live *, and a L&O:SVU marathon, and wheeeeee!

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( Dec. 15th, 2005 03:00 pm)

After much swearing at Telewest and many exclamations of "I am TRYING to GIVE YOU PEOPLE MONEY, you UTTER BASTARDS, WORK WITH ME, HERE!" I finally got through to an operator by employing the sneaky method of pressing the "other option" option, and managed to pay my bill, yay. (Now if only I could get the damned ebilling to work, that would be grand. HATE!)

I've spent the last four and a half hours writing The Completely And Utter Idiot's Guide To My Job. No, seriously. It has many screenshots and step-by-babystep instructions so detailed you could plant a ten-year-old in my chair for the week I'll be gone and they'd do just fine.

I also finally sent my wish list for my birthday/Christmas/New Year to my parents. It's basically the one I posted here, with all the fanfic stuff taken out, which means it consists of a link to my amazon wish list, yarn, long striped socks, and a cowboy hat. I'm pretty sure I heard my mum WTF all the way over here, heh.

Also, PSAish: Due to being busy and other practical problems, expect your Christmas cards and presents some time in January. Sigh. Next year, I swear to god, I'm going to start buying these things throughout the year so I'll have them all ready by November. Dammit.



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