Am home safe, despite Belgium’s apparent efforts to kill me dead. More details later, after I’ve unpacked, cleaned, watched Robin Hood and taken a bath.

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( Dec. 23rd, 2007 07:13 am)

I’m about to leave for the airport to catch my flight to Belgium. I’ll be back in Edinburgh next Sunday.

If I owe you e-mail or comments, I’ll try and get to them from there, but I may be scarce for the next week. I’ll probably get online a few times, but I may well be incommunicado if only because I can’t type on Belgian keyboards anymore.

Crossposted from Sleepless in Scotland. Comment here or there.

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( Jun. 19th, 2007 04:08 pm)

Foodposts are MIA until I get back on that horse, hopefully tomorrow. Note that I did manage to get my ass uin gear and bought (cost split with one of my co-workers) a coffee machine and one of those pump flasks. \o/ Fresh coffee for the win!

Customer quote of the day: "So where in Scotland are you?" Um. "... Edinburgh, and I'm somewhat frightened you can tell by my accent, since I'm bnot even British." Help, help, I'm being oppressed! O_O

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( Jun. 13th, 2007 03:26 pm)

Yesterday it was exactly three years ago I arrived in Scotland. (I didn't post about it then because for some reason my brain is convinced it was the the thirteenth. This is why I need LJ, people: to keep track of my life. o_O)

two days until I get my internet back at home, sigh.

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( Dec. 23rd, 2006 04:15 pm)

Brothers with laptops can be very handy sometimes. Even if said laptops do have azerty keyboards. Grar. Am currently trying to install WoW onto my iPod-as-a-hard-disk. Let's see how that goes ...

Only by ten minutes, but still. Sigh.

Entertain me?< \p>

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( Dec. 22nd, 2006 07:28 am)

My flat is clean, my stuff is packed, my hair is done, everything but the computer is switched off, and I finally had the brainstorm to, rather than burn the WoW install files to CD, which would have taken several CDs, simply transfer them to my iPod. (I'm smart! S-M-R-T!) I have the printout of my flight confirmation, and my passport, and I just need to stuff the chargers for my iPod and phone into my suitcase and put on my shoes, and then I'm ready.

I think. I always worry I'm forgetting something, dammit.

so sleepy. too old for pulling all-nighters anymore. zzz?

*mmmpffgm chocotoff*

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( Aug. 15th, 2006 03:13 pm)

Home. Safe. Tired. Also at work, which has apparently turned into Hasselhoff Central.


(Oh, and I probably skimmed quite a lot while trying to catch up to LJ, so drop me a line if I missed something.)

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( Aug. 10th, 2006 05:13 pm)

Have arrived safely after a (relatively) uneventful flight. No carry-on allowed, which was a bit annoying, but whatever. I got here, which is what matters.

Also, this keyboard is driving me insane.

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( Aug. 10th, 2006 06:07 am)

It's taken me a sleepless night, but by god, I'll be returning to a clean flat on Monday! \o/ Now to keep it clean instead of letting it grow into a pigsty and then needing a deadline like this to actually accomplish anything, sigh.

I leave for the airport in two hours, and I'm not technically packed yet. Er. In my defence, this is mostly because al lot of the clothes I'm taking aren't quite dry yet.

Anyway, I'll likely be AWOL until Monday early afternoon, at which point I hope to return with chocolate, tobacco and beer. :D

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( Jul. 14th, 2006 01:50 pm)

Rec o' The Day: Role Play. Rose/Mickey/Jake. Kinda silly, kinda kinky, kinda very hot.

Got my Congratulations And Thank You For Two Years Of Loyal Service Here's A Pin pin today. \o/ And then I caught myself using the phrase "nae problem," and yes. We are Locutus of the Clan mcBorg, resistance is futile, your accent will be assimilated. Apparently. *facepalm*

Can I go home yet? Or at least on break?

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( Jun. 26th, 2006 11:21 pm)

Birthday roll call! *strikes a pose* [ profile] dachelle! [ profile] deepsix! [ profile] bibliotech! Happy birthday all of you!

So [ profile] troubleinchina and I are throwing a joint expat anniversary party on Friday, by which time I need to have cleaned my flat and made approximatiely 666 dishes. And managed to get a cake and chocolate mousse over to Leith. If you want to see how that works out, come and join us! E-mail for address details and stuff. :D

Link o' the Day, part one: LiveJournal Dungeons. Go play! Seriously!

Link o' the Day, part two: Best footie strip ever. So very true.

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( Jun. 13th, 2006 02:25 pm)

So, one year two years ago today, I arrived in Edinburgh. Technically, it was yesterday, but I constantly get my dates mixed up--this is why LJ is a good thing, I can go back and check the dates on events, heh--, but today was my actual expat anniversary. It feels odd.

I've often meant to write about the culture shock and little things that made/make the big difference to me, but in the end, the subtle differences between Belgium and Scotland aren't really all that interesting, and I 'd have to be here a bit longer still before I'll be able to be coherent about the actual "expat experience," so. Yeah.

So yes, this entry basically has no piont. ("This is different from your usual entries how?" Shut up.)

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( Jun. 11th, 2006 09:57 pm)

You know, the thing about summer that always throws me isn't the heat--I can handle that with shorts and skirts and the airco at work and a fan at home, and by chanting "It'll be over soon," because this is, after all, Scotland, and it will be over soon. It's that it's so light out all the time, especially around this time, as we're closing in on the Equinox, and it gets me more since moving here, because in my mind, the UK is east of Belgium, and I huess I wasn't quite prepared for exactly how long it stays light out up here, compared to back home, and I do like going out for a walk late summer evenings (which i did tonight, hence this conveluted thought), but it kinda throws off my bioclock a little.

In other news, I'm watching this thing on the summer of '89 (what is it about long hot summers and huge changes in the UK, by the way? '67, '78, '89, ... not 2000 as far as I can remember, which would be the logical next step, but there's one more in the series), and um. WTF happened to Jason Donovan? o_O

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( May. 24th, 2006 08:53 am)

Dear weather: I can deal with sunshine. I can deal with punishing winds. But both at the same time? No. This whole "Blow Melle's sunglasses off" thing has got to go.

And then I accidentally deleted my /random folder, including my randsig file. Arse!

In happier news, I have two new icons, somewhat belatedly cut because one of them could be vaguely spoilery for The Age of Steel. )

You can see more pictures of me and my sword (bweee!), this time in more appropriate clothes as well, here. Also, a picture of my dad which proves that I have vampire genes. (No, seriously.)

I just had a Mrs Norris on the phone. Hee hee. Heeeeee!

[ETA] Have lost ability to spell "problem" in Dutch. Samson ate my brain! </Belgian> [/ETA]

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( Apr. 14th, 2006 10:53 am)

Melle: [Company], good aftern-- morning, this is Sofie, how can I help?
Cutsomer: ... Bit eager for the weekend, are we? *snicker*

Ahem. Right. :D I'm cheerful today, yes; my new iPod HD has arrived! *boogies* It coems in a relatively huge box, though. Oooh, maybe there's styrofoam nugget thingies in there! I love those! (... What? I make my own fun.)

... I just got Viagra spam from Freud. Hee. Hee hee!

Link of the Day: British Born, American Bred : A Prince William Fanfiction. Yeah, I know.

More interview meme! From Mar. )

And an amusing and cool quiz result: Who's my inner poet? )

[ETA] These branded easter egg things continue to weird me out. Culture Shock: it's in the little things. [/ETA]

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( Feb. 28th, 2006 09:56 am)

This week at the game: "A wizard's arse has a light at the end!" (Context? Gondor has no context. Gondor needs no context!)

Today: more faffing about with the wiki, wheee! (If you have [ profile] mounthelicon friended, you can go and have a look at it, though there's not much content yet.)

Had another one of my weird-ass dreams, this time about my home town getting blown up. No one died or anything, it just kinda ... got wiped off the face of the planet. And then life went on as usual. My subconcious? Not very subtle, heh.

(Though, on the flipside, if any of you Belgian lot want to come hang out with me when I'm in the country in August, you could come and people-watch. It's fun!)

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( Feb. 1st, 2006 02:38 pm)

Dear self: "escalatated" is not a word.

[ETA] Also, "slutty" and "affectionate" are not symonyms, not even when referring to drunk!Jayne. [/ETA]

Dear co-worker: If you must sing, couldyou at least stick to one song. So far, you've gone through Under the Bridge, La Vie En Rose, some Eighties kitch I can't remember now, It's a Wonderful, Wonderful Life, and several songs I didn't even recognise. Stop it.

Dear other co-workers bemoaning the lack of decent tea in Austria and Denver: Britishest conversation ever.

TMI! )


... I need a nap like whoa![/ETA2]

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( Nov. 22nd, 2005 03:42 pm)

*officially throws in the towel for NaNo* Sigh.

In happier news, and because I just know you were all waiting on the edge of your seats to see what I decided about Christmas and stuff, I've decided the decorations and tree will be up from the start of Advent through Epiphany. (That's 1 December through 6 January, for those of you keeping track.) Which means I have a bunch of stuff to buy and sort out before then, to wit:

  • Buy more decorations. My current stuff is enough for the tree, but I want more stuff for the rest of the house, possibly stuff that's not silver and blue and thus will go with my flat's colours a little better. (I expressed this concern re: colour clashing to my mum on the phone last night, and she laughed at me. *huff*)
  • Get a nativity set. I'm rather fond of this one, actually.
  • Acquire advent calendar.
  • Get off arse, call Argos so my cookcases can finally get delivered.
  • Clean and sort and generally get my flat suitable for other people's eyes.
  • Decide what to do for birthday/Christmas event/dinner/party/whatever.
  • Decide on presents for people, then get or make them.
  • Probably a gazillion things I've not thought of yet.
  • [ETA] Sort out train etc. to complete Christmas travel arrangements.[/ETA]

Question for the (European?) knitters among you: can one take (non-metal) needles on the plane? I'll be flying down to Belgium on the 23rd (returning by ferry(!) on the 30th/31st), and I'd like to be able to knit on the plane. (Not to mention during my flight to California in February, but first things first.)



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