So. Um. There I was, re-reading Cleo's Twilight recaps (CRAAAAAACK!) and I had an instance of Fridge Logic that might actually be an instance of Fridge Brilliance, and I am so not linking those because TV Tropes is the reason I'm (still) up at this hour anyway and --

What I was trying to say: Jacob went after Bella because he somehow semi-imprinted on The Egg That Would Some Day Be Renesmee, right? Except surely Nessie is made of both an egg and a sperm, so shouldn't he have also semi-imprinted on Edward? (Or, more hysterically accurately, on his balls?)

... I cannot possibly be the first person who's thought of this, people. Somebody reassure me that I'm not before I start writing fanfic, because that would require me to actually read the damn books, and no.



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