So with my hair now officially well past my shoulders, I decided it was time for a little experiment with rag curls. I think I need to put them in earlier in the evening so my hair's completey dry by morning, and I should probably put in more rags with smaller chunks of hair, especially near my neck, but overll, I'm declaring this experiment a qualified success.

(Yes, Anna, there will be pictures as soon as I can, once I've tweaked it to my satisfaction. :D )

It still feels really weird, though, but that's probably just because my hair's not been this long since was, like, fifteen, and this is the first time I've had my hair actually loose -- I've been putting it in a pony tail since it was long enough, and even before that I tied it up to avoid any resemblance to a mullet. I'm sure I'll get used to the feeling of having OMGhair, though. (It feels so girly, OMG!)

(Other things about having OMGhair I'll have to get used to: having to adjust it when turning over in bed to avoid getting a face ful of hair, and finding long hairs everywhere, my god but I forgot how much I shed. D: And of course, as mentioned above, I'd forgotten exactly how long my hair can take to freaking dry, so now I'm trying to readjust to keeping it dry during my morning shower so I don't end up with a head cold. Sigh.)



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