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( Sep. 14th, 2009 02:13 pm)

I think the telly is trying to make up for almost destroying my soul or something, or maybe IKEA is just trying to remind me of how much I love them, because there was a commercial on yesterday that I, frustratingly, cannot find on YouTube in its entirety.

It starts with a man coming home, trying to turn on the TV and finding a new, big flatscreen in the other corner from where he's expecting the TV. There are, I think ,a few other things he finds have changed, and then he sees his wife in the (new! improved!) kitchen. He goes over to her as she's holding out a spoonful of whatever it is she's cooking, only to be left looking silly as it turns out he's not the intended recipient, and instead she feeds it to another woman. It's Change Time.

I love IKEA. :D

And in completely different news: I'm going to have a lot of fic to catch up on when I'm done with the Zombie!fic, aren't I? (I avoid reading fic in a fandom I'm writing in, for fear of ... I dunno, call it "cross-contamination". I've been known to avoid entire genres, or even avoid fiction altogether, when I'm writing non-fanfic, as well.) Which is to say, I apologise for not commenting and encouraging and whatnot, and I will be catching up ... probably in October. :D



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