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( Sep. 11th, 2009 10:35 am)
The rewrite of the Zombie Apocalypse story, part one, is done, and comes in at just about 6k. *faceplant* Now, to figure out where this thing is going. (Plot points? We don't need no steenking plot points! Except for the part where we totally do, of course.)

(I'm so badly behind in this fandom, now -- Blip.tv vids efuse to work on the library computers, and I have very limited funds to gt internet cafe time, so I've not seen the last two AT4Ws (Blackest Night! Yaye Flash!), or the new Chick review, but I did manage to watch the Alone In The Dark on, and OMG they are TAUNTING me now, aren't they? Bastages.)

Also, I'm sure this is just, I dunno, confirmation bias or something, but it seems like ever since I started writing this story, zombies and zombie-related stories keep popping up at me from everywhere: the telly, completely unrelated websites and blogs, you name it. *eyes the universe with suspicion*

[ETA] Have now caught up on reviews. Let's recap in bullet point form, shall we?

  • BR: HP&HBP: "I would say it's a love triangle, but it's more of a love octagon." -- Love squiggle, honey, it's a loe squiggle. (This reference brought to you by an RPG that's been over for more than five years.)

  • At4W: Zero Patrol: "Feminist senses" -- LOFF!

  • NC: Alone in the Dark: TOO MUCH AWESOME TO QUOTE! Spoony! (You make a habit of breaking into people's homes, then?) Linkara! "Honey"! "I like to wear women's clothing"! Singing! SO! MUCH! AWESOME! \o/ (And Spoony's commentary makes it even better!)

  • NChick: Armageddon: ... Way to give me a nosebleed from lesyay, there, dammit. *fetches tissue, soldiers on*

  • At4W: Blackest Night: A "complicated and toroughly inappropriate" escape manoeuvre -- Yeah, I DO NOT EVEN! Also, more singing!

... Right, Melle go fud now, and then try and plot and/or write.[/ETA]


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