So I've been casting about for somewhat productive things to do with my time, because there's only so much time one can spend on an application letter, and writing ... doesn't seem to be happening right now, blah. So I decided, instead, to poke around Open University for a bit, as I apparently qualify for a fee waiver, and applied for an ILA account, so we'll see what happens there.

I also started running -- technically speaking, I suppose that should be "I started running again," but considering I've not done any regular running since well before I moved to the UK, and I was (am, really) so horridly out of shape I'm having to ease myself into it much more than I did last time, ... yeah. On the bright side, I've just finished week two of this training plan, and so far, I've done the whole thing every time, without being badly out of breath (not bad for a smoker, I think), and with no soreness at all.

Unexpected side benefit, whether from the running or from the stretching before and after I don't know, but for the first time since I stupidly injured my hamstring when I was 16, I can touch my toes again! \o/

And on a completely different note, my mother had decided that since I'm turning 30 this year, she's taking me on holiday. To Lesbos. My mum is awesome. :D

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