Hitting up the HP wiki for research is confusing me more than a little. I was convinced I could make this work with all canon except the epilogue, but there's info here about what happened after the Battle of Hogwarts that I suspect comes from JKR directly in interviews, but it's not specified. Hmski. *fudges (Fudges? HA! *hits self with lamp*) about with timelines and plot and stuff* (Of course, I say that as if this damn fic has a plot, but you know. Semantics!)

(Dear Lee: This story is not an excuse for you to start an actual revolution, damn your eyes! And no, dammit, "But Hermione Granger is totally on board with this!" is not a valid excuse. Argh.)

Dammit, stupid internet not telling me what I need to know. Things like: where was Lee while he was doing Potterwatch, exactly? And were Slytherins always regarded as the "evil" House, or was that only after the First War? (Dumbledore being friendly with Slughorn during what I suspect would've been their respective stints as Heads of House seems to indicate it at least got a lot worse than before, after the First War, but augh.)

(Wait, the wiki sez: "Safety measures were taken before each broadcast, including switching locations regularly," so that at least confirms my suspicion that they'd do that, but. [Citation needed], dammit! Especially since their explanation for Lee's Potterwatch pseud refers to the river Lee in Ireland instead of the (... to me, anyway) far more obvious river Jordan, so I cast aspersions on their assertions. Stupid wiki.)

I still haven't forgiven JKR for being so damned vague about who exactly were making up the reinforcements for the Battle of Hogwarts, either. (I know it was confirmed that Slughorn brought (most of?) the Slytherin 7th years back, but what about the Alumni?) And if the wiki cannot bloody well decide if Molly Weasley is an actual member of the Order, how am I supposed to trust them that Lee is only an ally and not an actual member? (And what'd be the difference, anyway?) AND SO ON!

(No, Lee, you still may not start a revolution. Hermione, stop subtly encouraging him, I can see you over there. And Ron, stop doing whatever it is you're doing. I'm onto you, dammit!)

Stupid JKR, doesn't she know it's her job to tell the press what I want to know? I mean, who cares about that Potter kid, for fuck's sake, he got seven books to explain himself. I want to know about the others. I mean, yes, if I had it my way the books would be called Lee Jordan and the Philosopher's Stone (etc.), but also, I really, really want to hear about what he was doing during the final year of the Second War, and what Ginny and Luna and Neville (OMG NEVILLE LOFF!) got up to at Hogwarts, and all the little acts of defiance and resistance and whatnot from witches and wizards who aren't the freakin' Boy Who Lived, dammit!

... Somebody stop me before I set up another challenge, augh!

(Oh hey, the wiki claims that the Blacks are related to the Flints! That means Draco is at least vaguely related to Marcus, excellent. *totally uses this as justification for part of personal fanon, what?*)

You know, since this story seems intent on forcing itself into my head no matter what I say or do (and okay, doing research for it pretty much implies I've given in, I know), I really wich it would at least a) do so in a steady stream, instead of in huge painful chunks of info, interspersed with porn, and b) gimme a damn plot already, for the love of Jesus Christ on all manner of assorted pastry! Because "Lee Jordan kicks arse, takes names, and fixes every problem I have with the Wizarding World, including a couple I may have made up only inferred just so he could fix them" is not a damn plot, brain.

(Okay, Oliver? Your part in this story is a bit part cameo at best. It is not an excuse for you to start hanging about in the back of my head muttering about Quidditch. *smacks him* Did someone put that "Quidditch Geeks Hotel" sign back on my head when I wasn't looking or something?)

... God, I hate stories. *stabs it in the face*

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