So here I am, tentatively dipping my toes back into HP fandom, and I stumble across this, which is awesome and hot and nggg, and best of all it's new (... since the last time I checked in on this fandom, that is) and not written by either me or one of the, like, three people I managed to bully into bribe convince to write it for me and BWEEEEEE!

Oh, HP fandom. Baby, if you wanted me to come back that badly, you should have said something sooner! <3!

Damned MoM!Lee story keeps trying to write itself in my head. Actually, no -- if it was writing itself, I'd go along with it, because at least that implies some sort of plot or at least a coherent narrative. What it does instead is throw random scenes at me and leave me to figure out how to fit together, and what the point of it all is. AUGH! *shakes bunny like a baby* PLOT ME DAMMIT!

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