Assorted thoughts and ramblings, in list form:

  • So apparently, in an attempt to outlaw same-sex marriage, Texas appears to have accidentally outlawed marriage altogether. WHOOPS! Bwahahahahah!
  • So hey, did you hear a Belgiasn is now President of the EU? \o/ I cannot quite articulate exactly how weird it's been to hear him described as this "great unknown", because ... it's Herman Van Rompuy. The man's an institution. o_o (Also amusing: hearing the various mispronunciations of his name on assorted newsprogrammes. English speakers and diphtongs do not mix, people. Hee!)
  • This morning on the news: the LHC is back online, huzzah! \o/ I probably shouldn't have watched that before coffee, though, because my first thought was, "Huh, I wonder if anyone's yet done a (probably gay) porn called The Large Hardon Collider." *faceplant* (Someone really needs to get on that, though. It could be a whole line of porn aimed at geeks and nerds! With lots of sexy glasses!)

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I saw a picture on the BBC's football page of a guy with pr0n face and thought of you.

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Heeee! :D Well, I've been associated with less flattering things, so thanks!

("Less flattering things" like goats, for example. The early Noughties were a weird time for me.)

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LOOK LOOK LOOK! I did it I finally did it! I drew cowboy!Linkara and steampunk!Insano! Here, here!

I could also give you the separate ones too!


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